Article: The Clarifier: “Doing Good Things With Water” – Northport, MI

Northport Village has had an economic boon in the past two years with eight new businesses popping up and officials in the community of just over 500 say they don’t expect the well to run dry.

At least not now after wrapping up a $790,000 water improvement project that includes replacing an old and unreliable well and aging, leaky water mains.

“The impact of the water improvements is that we will be able to service any growth that occurs,” said Barb VonVoigtlander, the village’s interim administrative coordinator who helped shepherd the project along during her tenure as village president in 2013.

Ben Walraven, president of the Northport/Omena Chamber of Commerce, said the new businesses, including a $1 million golf course and his $1.5 million family entertainment center, are just a start of good things to come.

“I think this growth and interest in Northport is going to continue,” said Walraven, who is also project developer of Tucker’s of Northport. His family entertainment center has a restaurant, bar, bowling center and arcade. It opened in May of 2014.

VonVoigtlander said she was happy to see the village fix a problem before it became a crisis and is glad the community was able to secure some funding.

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