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We are here to mentor you and let you learn the basics by assisting senior engineers on real projects whether you are looking for summer construction experience or a semester of working in your field.

Come to F&V to learn what it means to be a part of the engineering field. The practical experience gained during your internship can be as important as your grades in engineering courses.

F&V’s professionals will make the investment in your career and help you develop your skills and understanding of the design industry on our creative and innovative projects. You’ll get to make a real difference.

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As an intern at F&V, I really appreciated how helpful and kind everyone was. They welcomed me as a part of the team and made my experience very enjoyable! I was surprised by how many projects I was able to get my hands in, and I barely scratched the surface of the diversity of projects managed by F&V. It was a wonderful experience for my first internship!

F&V is a fantastic company to work for, and the clients that we work with are always friendly and outgoing, which makes my job even better.

My favorite part about working for F&V would definitely be my coworkers. As an intern, I came in not knowing much about the type of engineering services provided here. And as such, everybody I talked to, whether it be in my office or other offices, was always willing to answer any questions I had without hesitation.

I really enjoyed being involved in projects at F&V. I was able to see a wide variety of projects in all their various stages, giving me a better understanding of the project process.

One thing that surprised me was how much I learned about being a professional. F&V helped me see beyond what I was learning in school and see the business side of the industry.

As an intern with F&V, I was involved in many aspects of the engineering process on a wide variety of exciting projects.

F&V employees were enthusiastic about sharing their knowledge and expertise with me. Everyone was so welcoming, making me quickly feel a part of the F&V community.

F&V’s size is great. The company is small enough that you know almost everyone’s name and big enough that I had a lot of exciting projects to work on.

F&V provided me with just the right challenge. In my role, I was given independence to complete my work while still enjoying a team environment and with plenty of assistance from technical leaders.