Village of Pentwater - Street Improvement Plan

June 2017 – Street Improvement Plan (SIP) Update

The following provides an update of May work items of work for the SIP program:

  • May 11 – Service Committee meeting to review update PASER (street ratings), street elevation survey, drainage master plan recommendations and preliminary recommendations for construction in 2017-2019. 2017 construction locations finalized with the committee.
  • Sanitary Sewer Assessment – Met with Village staff to review utility improvement needs, secured and reviewed existing Village sanitary televising records. Currently developing specific sanitary sewer improvements needs to integrate with street improvements.
  • Soil borings and pavement corings for 2017 project area is complete.
  • Street topographic survey of 2017 project area is complete.
  • Solicited quotes for CCTV of areas not previously CCTV’d. Recommended contracting with Plummers Environmental Services for this work and tentatively scheduled for July 2017.

Anticipated June work:

  • Prepare preliminary construction plans and cost estimates for fall 2017 construction.
  • Submit required construction permit applications.
  • Prepare final plans, specifications and bidding documents for 2017 construction bidding.