Village of Pentwater - Street Improvement Plan

October 2017 Update

2017 Village Streets Construction Work

  • A pre-construction meeting was held on September 15 with Hallack Contracting for the 2017 Streets Projects and work began on Clymer Street and adjacent streets on September 25.
  • Construction work to date has included utility repair/replacement, storm drainage structure installations along local streets and raising the roadway on Clymer at the creek.  F&V’s on-site inspector is Shawn Bates who is present during all active construction.
  • Hallack will continue to work on Clymer and adjacent streets through October with paving expected in early November.
  • The following map shows 2017 Streets construction work areas:


    Proposed 2018 Village Streets Improvement Areas

    • 2018 Street Projects field survey work was reviewed with the Services Committee on September 18.  Design work is ongoing and preliminary plans will be reviewed with the Services Committee in early November.
    • The following map shows the proposed 2018 Village streets improvement areas in light blue.