Engineers Week: Meet Anna

“It’s great to see Anna being recognized for Engineers Week, as she has been a valuable member of our team! Anna continues to expand her capabilities and grow in her career, and recently reached a big milestone in becoming a licensed Professional Engineer.”

– Bob Wilcox, PE, Senior Project Manager

Name: Anna Schulz, PE

Years of experience: Almost 5 years.

Your hidden talent (or a fun fact): For as accident-prone as I usually am, I’ve never broken any bones and have only gotten stitches once.

What superhero talent do you wish you had: Super speed – I’d be able to get done everything I’ve ever wanted to do!

If my co-workers wanted to make me happy, all they have to give me is: A free meal? 😊

How or when did you know you wanted to be an engineer? What’s your earliest recollection, if any? I didn’t really know I wanted to be an engineer until late in high school. I’ve always been a good student and math/science came really easy to me. Engineering seemed like a natural career path that took both those topics into account. Environmental engineering sounded the most interesting to me at the time; who doesn’t want to save the world? Once I started the environmental engineering program at Michigan Tech, I never once considered changing majors. I enjoyed pretty much everything the major had to offer and was excited to start my career as an engineer. After working at F&V for the past 5 years, I recently received my PE and I’m happy to officially be a professional!

What’s been your favorite F&V project to work on and why? How did it make a difference to the community? I would say one of my most memorable projects I’ve assisted with was the Market Street Lift Station in Sturgis. It’s one of the only projects I’ve been a part of from the very start of design to the end of construction. It involved the replacement of a lift station that was on the brink of failure and needed to be replaced as soon as possible. Every phase of the project was accelerated – I assisted with an expediated DEQ Part 41 permit review; which was the first and only time I’ve ever done that. The lift station was designed to account for current flow conditions in addition to a significant potential for future growth. 

If you could work on any project (future or past – and doesn’t need to be F&V) what would it be and why? It would be interesting to work on a design project for an international wastewater treatment plant or maybe the biggest treatment plant in the world. It would be a challenge unlike anything I’ve ever seen in my short career so far. 

What is your favorite thing about F&V’s culture and what do you add/contribute to the culture? One of my favorite things about F&V’s culture is that it is very family oriented. The company is extremely understanding that a work-life balance is important and that on occasion, the balance has to tip towards your family. I enjoy that many of my co-workers are interested in knowing about my family and life outside of the office and I’m interested in theirs.

 Why is engineering important? / Why are you excited to be a part of engineers week? I think engineering is important because engineers are a group of people that can really make a difference in the everyday lives of the people around them. There are so many types of engineers (everything from civil to structural to automotive to biomedical and beyond) and each contributes to moving society forward in some small way. We have the ability and we are trusted to shape the world in a very physical way.  

What are you most looking forward to in 2019? (career-wise or in general) I suppose I’m looking forward to seeing my little boy enter his “terrible twos” this year and spending as much time as possible with friends and family.