Engineers Week: Meet Blake

“Blake has a can do attitude and is always willing to a take on any tasks that need to be completed.”

– Matt Johnson, PE, Project Manager

Name: Blake Nichols    

Years of experience: 3.5 years.

Your hidden talent (or a fun fact): I have the ability to remember the lyrics of just about any song I listen to.

What superhero talent do you wish you had: Definitely teleportation. It would be awesome to travel to places in the blink of an eye!

If my co-workers wanted to make me happy, all they have to give me is: Moose tracks ice cream. 

How or when did you know you wanted to be an engineer? What’s your earliest recollection, if any? As a kid, I used to build little towns and buildings to garage my hot wheels in with Legos, whereas most kids were playing with action figures or playing video games instead.

What’s been your favorite F&V project to work on and why? How did it make a difference to the community? My favorite project so far was being the Resident Project Representative (RPR) for the Berrien Springs’ West Mars St. reconstruction job. I was able to see the construction side of what we do here in the office, and see how real-life conditions vary from what we expect to see when designing.

If you could work on any project (future or past – and doesn’t need to be F&V) what would it be and why? I would love to be an engineer for Tesla’s hyperloop project. A project of that scale would have an incredible effect on people’s lives.

What is your favorite thing about F&V’s culture and what do you add/contribute to the culture? My favorite thing about our culture is all of the activities that we do throughout the year, like baseball games, golf outings, flannel Friday (spirit week), and pot lucks. I’ve met some great friends because of working here.

Why is engineering important? / Why are you excited to be a part of engineers week? Engineering provides us with technology we otherwise wouldn’t have, and allows us to grow as a civilization.

What are you most looking forward to in 2019? (career-wise or in general) I am looking forward to a few different vacations, but most notably a trip to Colorado to spend some time camping and offroading in the mountains this summer.