Engineers Week: Meet Euponine!

Name: Euponine Pierre

Years of experience: Almost 1 year

A fun fact about myself: I tend to be the youngest person everywhere I go – work, home, class or just hanging out with friends.

A single word to define me: Ambitious

I would be lost without: My sister

When did you know you wanted to be an engineer? Everyone in my family knew it before I did! Growing up, my sisters made fun of me for always wanting to be the one to fix everything and for being so creative and good with numbers. It wasn’t until my early teens that I became aware of what a great part engineers play in the world and that I wanted to be one.

What’s been your favorite F&V project to work on and why?

My favorite F&V project was a City of Hillsdale road reconstruction. It was fascinating being part of the team designing the road down – from infrastructure to signage – because I am one who always complains about poor road conditions. This was my first big project and the one where I learned the most. It also helped me build stronger relationships with my co-workers.

How do you feel are you making a difference to the engineering industry/community?

I feel like I’m introducing diversity in the engineering industry/community. it is great to see engineering talents with a difference look than what most are used to. Hopefully I am a great role model for the younger generation.

How has a mentor helped you grow as an engineer / how have you helped an engineer grow in their career?

My mentor has helped me tremendously by giving me second options on career paths, opportunities and handling situations that only an engineer could possibly understand.

If you could work on any project (future or past – and doesn’t need to be F&V) what would it be and why?

Designing something fun like a roller coaster or a park. I love to have fun so it would be great to design something that others will enjoy.

What are you most looking forward to in 2020? (career-wise or in general)

Passing my professional engineering exam and finishing graduate school.