Engineers Week: Meet Jeff

“Jeff’s communicative, collaborative approach and broad technical knowledge of municipal engineering has allowed him to establish a deep trust with these clients. I would consider Jeff to be a role model for our aspiring Project Managers. We’re proud to have him on our team and to be recognized by our peers as an engineer who makes a difference.”

– David Bluhm PE, West Michigan Group Manager

Name: Jeff Wingard, PE

Years of experience: 24 years.

Your hidden talent (or a fun fact): I can juggle.

What superhero talent do you wish you had? Elemental Control; rain and/or snow would never ruin an outdoor event again.

If my co-workers wanted to make me happy, all they have to give me is: Time to go play a round of golf.

How or when did you know you wanted to be an engineer? What’s your earliest recollection, if any? When I was growing up, if anything around our house broke, I’d take it apart and attempt to fix it.  Even if it couldn’t be fixed, I was happy just seeing how it worked. My mom said I’d grow up to be an engineer.

What’s been your favorite F&V project to work on and why? How did it make a difference to the community? The Union City water tower project is my favorite because it was my first tower project. It will double their storage capacity, increase system pressures, all while removing the “eyesore” legged tower from downtown.

If you could work on any project (future or past – and doesn’t need to be F&V) what would it be and why? Past: The Mackinaw Bridge, it’s iconic to anyone who’s grown up in Michigan. Future: Wireless water transmission/distribution systems; it’s a game-changer.

What is your favorite thing about F&V’s culture and what do you add/contribute to the culture? I enjoy the annual staff breakfast / year in review presentation. Principals and associates cook eggs and pancakes for us. I also appreciate that we are an employee-owned company and that there is financial transparency.

Why is engineering important? / Why are you excited to be a part of engineers week? Engineering is important because it affects our lives daily. Look around your home, during your commute, or in your office and you’d have a hard time finding something that wasn’t created by a civil, electrical, mechanical, structural, or other type of engineer.

What are you most looking forward to in 2019? (career-wise or in general) Spring break cruise in the Caribbean.