F&V Adds INDOT Prequalifications

Fleis & VandenBrink (F&V) has added four new INDOT prequlifications to our list of services.

Complex Traffic Capacity & Operations Analysis allows us to do highly complex analysis of the capacity and operations of traffic. Examples of this include multiple, related intersections in series or grid; non-routine and complex interchanges or a series of related interchanges.

Non-Complex Traffic Capacity & Operations Analysis allows us to perform low to moderate analysis of capacity and operations of routine traffic. Examples in this class include assessment of rural highways, basic freeway segments, and isolated and simple intersections and interchanges.

Traffic Forecasting allows us to make traffic forecasts based on traffic data that may be supplied or collected.

Traffic Safety Analysis allows us to assess conditions with respect to traffic safety. This form of highway and street operations analysis involves collection and reduction of crash data; assessment of crash patterns, frequency, and rates; recognition of cause and effect; prediction of crash risk; and selection of effective countermeasures.

These four additions brings F&V up to 15 INDOT prequalifications.

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