F&V participating in three March Conferences

F&V staff will be attending and sponsoring three conferences in March, starting with the MI Stormwater Floodplain Association Conference  on Thursday, March 4. Matt Bedner will be attending the virtual conference sponsored by F&V. State and federal governmental agency updates along with 2020 Mid-Michigan flooding, dam failures and other Great Lakes high water issues will be topics of discussion.

Dave Johnson and Chris Hennessy will be participants in the MML Capital Conference March 16-17. F&V is also sponsoring and participating in the virtual sponsor showcase for the premier Michigan Municipal League event which details state and federal issues impacting local communities.

Mark Bratschi, Tyler Wittmann and Lauren Wittmann will be virtually attending MWEA Biosolids Conference March 30-April 1. F&V and FVOP are also contributing sponsors for the Michigan Water Environment Association’s event for water quality professionals dedicated to preserving and enhancing Michigan’s water resources.

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