Geologists Day: Meet Jim

“As an award-winning Geologist who has worked on some of the most challenging hydrogeological projects in our state, we are fortunate to have the technical expertise of Jim at our firm. However, what makes Jim special is how he compliments his technical skills with out-of-the box creativity, astute planning, and excellent interpersonal skills. This combination provides him a unique ability to successfully guide our clients through complex matters and also be an effective mentor for our staff. Along with an intense commitment to meeting his client and peer expectations, it is easy to see why many confidently rely on his professional expertise and why even more call him friend.”

– Brian Rice, Principal

Name: Jim Brode

Years of experience: 35

Your hidden talent (or a fun fact): I tend to do a lot of tinkering in my life, always seeking a new project. My wife and I have built a house in the country and have done much of the work ourselves. We will be restoring our barn this summer.

What superhero talent do you wish you had?: The power to heal people.

If my co-workers wanted to make me happy, all they have to give me is: Their kindness, respect, and Bell’s Beer.

How or when did you know you wanted to be a geologist? What’s your earliest recollection, if any? In high school, I met a geologist who owned a fishing camp my Dad and I went to for several years. He was avid outdoorsman that shared time between remote portions of Ontario and British Columbia. I thought he had a great life and that inspired me to seek colleges with Geology programs.

What’s been your favorite F&V project to work on and why? How did it make a difference to the community? There have been so many good ones. I really enjoy working with communities on finding and developing new water supplies. We have been able to provide new wells for so many communities over the years. Providing a community with a reliable sustainable water source brings me joy.

If you could work on any project (future or past – and doesn’t need to be F&V) what would it be and why? I have always enjoyed mapping natural features. A project that involves mapping the geology or water resources of a region would be one that I would enjoy.

What is your favorite thing about F&V’s culture / what do you feel you add/contribute to F&V’s culture? One of our core values is to employ, value and empower good people. I strongly believe in that concept. F&V has allowed me to be my best. I have been trying to transfer these values to those that I mentor by helping them develop to their full potential.

Why is being a geologist important? Geologists provide many important services to humankind. Being a geologist has been important to me because my career has given me a way to contribute to society while making a sustainable living.

What are you most looking forward to in 2019? (career-wise or in general). I hope to have our barn in shape by this year. We have some trips planned this summer, so spending time with family and friends on new adventures. Professionally, I look forward to helping to grow our company to provide more opportunities for all the talented young staff we have.