Hudsonville Community Build: Hughes Park Playground

F&V Senior Associate Don and his wife volunteered for the City of Hudsonville’s Community Build day to help the community build the new accessible playground at Hughes Park. It is important for all children to have a variety of sensory experiences for healthy development. These include experiences that involve movement (vestibular system), climbing (proprioceptive system), and a mix of tactile, visual, and auditory experiences. As such, the City of Hudsonville, with the support of the Hudsonville Lions Club, was awarded a MDNR L&WCF grant to help fund the $150,000 in expansion and improvement of the existing playground equipment at Hughes Park to a barrier free/inclusive design. The City and Lions Club identified the lack of an accessible/inclusive playground as a critical need for their community. No other similarly-designed playgrounds exist within the city, and there are very few within the greater region. Additionally, F&V acted as the prime professional for this project and is assisting Hudsonville in meeting all MDNR grant criteria, and we’re proud of our staff for getting involved with volunteering towards their projects and communities.