F&V offers industrial facilities management by renovating and expanding for efficient facility functioning. We collaborate with you to develop plans for form to follow function. A facility’s set-up affects employees and materials within it. Creating a process that enhances how the two work together creates a safer, more effective operations for you is what F&V understands.

Facilities having a proper flow is important to operations – and profits. Our approach gathers a thorough understanding of you, what happens inside your facility, and the motion of movements between materials and employees. By understanding you, we can lay out a plan that optimizes facility space, enhances safety of movement, and flows smoothly from inside-out.

Getting from initial budgeting and programming to commissioning your project to end can take a multitude of approaches. Let us make sense out what will work for your facility, employees and products. Whether it’s a large renovation, like creating a facility master plan, or as small expansion, like adding on a loading dock, we will work with you to streamline efficient functionality and movement.

We provide the professional assistance and technical resources to help you meet your operational goals – whether the goals involve improvements to performance, regulatory compliance or efficiency. We already have the expertise on many issues that industries experience regarding wastewater. Our sister company, Fleis & VandenBrink Operations, can provide the certified operators that you may need to meet MDEQ permit requirements.

Examples of solutions we recently assisted industrial clients with include:

  • Handling design and extensive permitting to install a new product manufacturing line in a leased facility
  • Providing facility master planning for product line growth, site logistics and plant expansion
  • Providing design and permitting for a large industrial fire reclamation/rehabilitation project
  • Resolving a chronic site drainage issue that was flooding a product warehouse