F&V studies, designs, and constructs transportation engineering systems to be more social. We provide public and private clients with roads, pathways, and trails you want to spend time on. Transporting engineering is something we all endure; why not enjoy the ride – no matter your form of transportation. Foot, bike, automobile, or otherwise, we’ve got your transportation needs covered.

Transportation engineering is about more than vehicles – it’s about you and your users, and what’s right for your users. Our approach is based on client relationships, getting to understand your twists and turns, needs and goals. We will collaborate with you to design and construct transportation systems that become an avid part of the community. We’ll start with a study and stay working and communicating with you through construction, and then we may even use the transportation system ourselves. With nine offices throughout Michigan and Indiana, it’s quite possible your road is our road.

Our transportation engineers are DOT prequalified and are familiar with the Federal Highway Administration and the Department of Natural Resources regulations and guidelines. Whether the project is for pedestrian safety, traffic flow, road reconstruction or trail design, we can help drive your project into reality.

  • Road and bridge design
  • Construction administration and engineering
  • Grant and funding application planning and preparation
  • Non-motorized paths and trails
  • Streetscape design
  • Traffic operations and safety