Newsletter: “Era of Collaboration: The Beauty of Scoring a Rec Grant” (Dec 2016)

You not only have to have a great project today, but you also need to know how to maximize the points awarded for each application for recreation grants. Great collaboration in the development of your project is important with neighboring governmental agencies and local non-profits, groups, businesses and school systems. After all, if two communities or entities work together to build a project, there can be savings on construction and operations, and the recreational facilities can serve both entities.

MDNR is looking at projects where collaboration is taking place. Did you know that if you complete a formal agreement with a neighboring community, such as an operating agreement, intergovernmental agreement or memorandum of agreement, 30 points may be given to your project? If you are collaborating with a non-profit, school, or similar agency and have formal agreements, 15 points may be given to your project.

Documentation of collaboration and completing agreements of the collaboration will score higher. Providing copies of joint or intergovernmental meetings, including meeting minutes confirming plans to share in the maintenance and a financial commitment score the best.

These few extra points can mean the difference between success and failure in the competitive nature of grant application scoring.

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