Newsletter: Fixing Roads Start with PASER Studies (July 2020)

A PASER study has become an invaluable tool used as a practical, no-nonsense component for Pavement Asset Management Plans.

Next month Indiana towns and cities will start submitting their PASER, an acronym for Pavement Surface Evaluation and Rating System, to help secure road funding in 2021. The data collected is incorporated into a Pavement Asset Management Plan which is a requirement for funding from the Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) Community Crossings Matching Grant
(CCMG) program.

“We would not be open to getting any of these match monies if we weren’t doing these PASERs,” says Joe Leszek, North Judson’s Town superintendent. “It’s a great tool to help us grade our roads and it gives us a good visual of the roads that are in the red that need to be fixed immediately.”

A PASER involves evaluating every street in the community and rating the surface condition of each road. The University of Wisconsin-Madison Transportation Information Center developed the guidelines.

The PASER, which must be updated every other year, is an unbiased, objective and technical evaluation of road conditions. It visually rates the condition of the pavement surface from a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being a pavement in a failed condition and 10 being a pavement in excellent condition.


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