Newsletter: Indiana Grant Program Paving Town Success

The Town of Roanoke this year will be completing six different road projects, including two roads that were totally reconstructed, thanks to a Community Crossings grant it received last year from the Indiana
State Department of Transportation (INDOT).

The Town of North Judson will also resurface parts of eight different roadways this year thanks to the same grant, which will cover 75 percent of the project costs.

“The Community Crossings program is incredible,” said Phil Hibbert, Roanoke’s supervisor of operations. “It’s money that we didn’t have budgeted, and if this program is around for another five plus years, we
can have a majority of our deteriorating streets resurfaced and/or reconstructed.”

“Getting 75 percent of paving paid for goes a long way for a town our size,” said Marshall Horstmann, North Judson’s superintendent. “It’s a huge help for our town to get that kind of funding from the state.”

Applications for the Community Crossings grant program are available in early June. But the time is now to update the required Transportation Asset Management Plan (TAMP) needed for the application.

The Community Crossings program started in 2016 and provides funds for road surfacing, bridge rehabilitation, road construction, resurfacing, drainage improvements and Americans with Disabilities Act compliance
in connection with road projects.

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