Newsletter: PASER Study A Road Map for Success (Nov 2020)

Michigan’s winter weather will soon be hitting the pavement with heavy snowfalls and freeze-thaw cycles leaving communities with bumpy roads ahead. Community leaders and road commissioners will find themselves once again doing repairs to keep your roadways safe.

In Michigan, the change of seasons takes an annual toll on transportation networks and road budgets. As a leader in your community, how do you best use public funds in the most fiscally responsible way to protect and maintain your roads?

Getting the best mileage from your roadway dollars starts with PASER ratings. PASER is an acronym for Pavement Surface Evaluation and Rating. It is a system for visually rating the surface condition of a pavement from a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being in a failed condition and 10 being in excellent condition.

Guidelines for rating the pavement surface using the PASER system have been developed by the Michigan Transportation Asset Management Council. The visual inspection to evaluate pavement surface conditions, when assessed by a qualified technician correctly, provides a basis for comparing the quality of roadway segments. The advantage of this method is that roads may be assessed consistently, constantly and quickly.

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