Newsletter: Roadway Reclassification Key to Transportation Grants (Nov 2017 – IN)

If you are thinking about a road project you hope to get funded in the future that has increased traffic volumes, it is time to consider reviewing the classification of that road. Reclassifying a road system aides in evaluating present and future roadway needs and improvement priorities. It also helps identify accurate/correct design and safety standards.

The City of Rushville, named a Stellar Community in 2016, recently reclassified two roads as Major Collectors leading to a four-phase $20 million new industrial corridor and paving the foundation for future jobs and opportunities.

“We’ve been trying to be very proactive and not reactive,” said Mike Pavey, Rushville’s mayor since 2012. “We’re getting out in front and identifying the routes that we need reclassified so that we are prepared when a grant opportunity or a Call for Projects is announced. Now we don’t have to worry about rushing a reclassification through prior to a Call for Projects.”

Reclassifying Cherry Street and 200 North as Major Collectors is helping re-energize Rushville, the ‘can-do’ city with a small-town charm. The streets connect two industrial parks – an old and a new one – allowing traffic flow between the two without having to get out on the state highway.

Pavey said reclassifying the roads was a result of strategizing comprehensive transportation, park and trail plans and figuring out what worked together.

“It wasn’t just the thinking of City officials,” Pavey said. “It was industry saying this is something vital to them. Oftentimes in a debate on any new road, the community doesn’t think we need it and there are enough roads.

“But when your industry says we think it makes us more efficient and more competitive not only within our company but also on a world scale, then it becomes driven by your industry.”

The first two phases of the road project have been funded and are in the design stage. Phase 1 consists of a road entry south of the new industrial park and Phase 2 will include completing a north south connector roadway. Additional improvements include storm sewer and
detention pond design.

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