Newsletter – September 2015 “Safety Improved With Road Diets”

There are low-cost ways to increase road safety without slowing motorists down. Urban designers have coined some of the solutions as being a ‘road diet’.

Every community leader should consider road diets to reduce congestion, encourage safer streets and have a more livable community. Road diets consider your modes of transportation, including vehicular, pedestrian and cyclists, and search for ways to enhance the transportation facilities already in place. The proposed solution can sometimes be done at a very low cost and can greatly reduce safety issues.

You can get your community on board by reviewing the road safety campaign started last year by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA). They created a guide to “road diets.” According to the FHWA, road diets can reduce traffic crashes by an average of 29 percent, and in some smaller cities and villages, the design approach can cut crashes nearly in half.

Download the full PDF newsletter.

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