Newsletter: Shared Parking: Have You Evaluated Your Community?

Shared parking is being encouraged by community planners now more than ever before. Is your community one of them?

The main benefits of shared parking include:

  • Optimizing the use of existing parking infrastructure
  • Minimizing run-off with less pavement
  • Eliminating the burden on developers to build more parking
  • Supporting transit-oriented development

Although the concept of shared parking has been around for decades, it is gaining popularity due to an increasing demand for parking spaces that occupy precious real estate in big and small cities.

“There are just too many parking lots that are forced to be unreasonably large for no logical reason in the reality of today’s modes of shared transportation,” said Michael Powell, PE, president of Powell Engineering, who hired Fleis & VandenBrink to conduct a shared parking evaluation.

Shared parking is the use of parking spaces by businesses who want those spaces during different days and times, such as hotels and offices. It is most common in downtowns and areas of mixed-use development. Shared parking facilities reduce the number of parking spaces that each would provide on their individual properties.

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