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Streets aren’t always considerate to our needs because some like to exclude forms of transportation, as though there’s only their way or the highway. They lack safety for other users trying to commute from point A to point B. These exclusive roads are now being replaced with the idea of “Complete Streets” – streets for everyone. Whether you are transporting by automobile, transit, assistive device, foot, bicycle or otherwise, complete streets are designed with you and your safety in mind. They provide safer crosswalks for pedestrians, lanes for bikers and pick up & drop off locations for bus users.

Complete Streets can make a community more desirable with their increased safety, but also increased bikeability and walkability, turning streets into social aspect rather than only a form of transportation.

F&V has helped several communities complete their streets into something everyone can enjoy. Our transportation engineers have assisted these communities in developing master plans to meet Complete Street standards and policies:

  • Birmingham – “Maple Street” and “Oak Street”
  • Fremont – “Marketplace Corridor”
  • Grand Haven – “Washington Avenue”
  • Muskegon – “Western Avenue”
  • Portland – “Grand River Avenue”