Downtown Improvements

With residents and a constant flow of college students a part of the everyday scene, the City of Mt. Pleasant officials focused their Master Plan on creating an attractive, lively “pedestrian-oriented” downtown.

Jockey Alley was one street that needed to incorporate the Master Plan goals – it was inefficient and had many limitations. When it came to pedestrian and vehicular flow for the 135+ district businesses lining its path, it was anything but “pedestrian-oriented.” F&V worked with the City to create an attractive and inviting public space that was consistent with their Master Plan. The resulting project was funded primarily from a $600,000 Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) grant.

F&V provided design and construction engineering services to accomplish the City’s goals. Using traffic calming techniques, we created a concept that improved parking circulation, functionality and safety, added electric car charging stations, eliminated obstacles that limited mobility and created community public spaces. These were accomplished by reconfiguring the lot to 90-degree parking alignment and making parking closer to the businesses so pedestrians don’t have to cross over traffic as much. We removed medians, islands and other obstacles that limited pedestrian walkability.

Adding streetscape enhancements such as LED lighting and aesthetically-pleasing dumpsters, along with coordinating the burial of overhead utility lines with Consumers Energy, further improved the area’s attractiveness.

The improved pedestrian flow, from the parking area to the local businesses and buildings, has been noted by many store owners as a pleasant benefit!