Enhanced Wastewater Treatment

The growing popularity of craft beers put the City of Dexter and its wastewater treatment plant between a rock and a hard place as it dealt with an expanding small entrepreneurial enterprise. Northern United Brewing Company’s (NUBCO) production used a significant consumption of the wastewater plant’s surplus capacity and expansion plans projected wastewater streams beyond the treatment plant’s entire capacity.

F&V evaluated the City’s wastewater treatment plant Headworks Loading analysis. A surcharge rate review followed and a Significant User Permit with mass loading allocation was issued.

F&V also helped NUBCO apply for a grant for an enhanced wastewater treatment that allows the brewing company the necessary capital to expand their production, reduce the loading on the City’s wastewater treatment plant and provide green energy back to the power grid. Developing a viable solution to this waste management issue also enhances the ability of Michigan industries and municipalities to thrive together.