Environmental Property Assessment for the City of Kalamazoo


City of Kalamazoo


Kalamazoo, MI

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Consumers Power operated a coal-fired power plant for over 60 years on a site along the Kalamazoo River at the southern gateway to the city of Kalamazoo. The power plant was demolished in the 1970s with the demolition debris left buried onsite.

The City retained F&V staff to conduct environmental investigations and a geotechnical evaluation of the site to identify environmental challenges, determine the extent of buried building foundations and demolition debris, and supervise the removal of the foundations and demolition debris to prepare the site for future development. We designed an innovative process of segregating inert materials and solid waste from contaminated soils at the site. The onsite reuse of the contaminated soils as engineered fill resulted in a considerable cost savings for the City.

The site was purchased by Arcadia Ales Brewing Company and F&V was retained to conduct environmental due diligence activities (Phase I/II ESAs, BEA and Due Care Plan) to support the redevelopment of this site into a new brewing facility. F&V also supervised the removal of additional buried debris and contaminated soils during site construction.

Additionally, during excavation activities for brewery construction, several large electrical capacitors were discovered to have been buried onsite. The capacitors contained radioactive materials. F&V worked with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, State Hazardous Waste Division, and Consumers Energy to safely remove the capacitors from the site for proper disposal.