Green Rooftop

The West Michigan Symphony (WMS) opened “the Block” in conjunction with their new headquarters within the historic Russel Block Building. The building utilizes its small space for intimate fine arts performances. The second-story venue connected to an outdoor roof, however, with an unimproved tar surfacing. It wasn’t a green rooftop by any means, nor was it a site where access to music would inspire you.

F&V landscape architects worked with the WMS to transform the space into a useable green rooftop. We provided design engineering, construction details, periodic construction observation and permitting. The rooftop was designed to meet load requirements, manage stormwater drainage, provide building cooling and create an attractive gathering space. It was also uniquely designed to be used by guests, featuring art, seating and special lighting.

Combining its building-use into the design, the rooftop uses light-weight drainable decking Prous Pave XLS to depict musical bar lines. Music is everywhere as guests enjoy nature, music and the view of Lake Muskegon and the City.

The project was featured as a GreenroofsProject of the Week’ and in Retrofit.