Historic Building Demolition

The Osceola Inn, located in downtown Reed City, was old, deteriorating and vacant. Water damage had caused structural failures, including crumbling walls and outer bricks falling off the building into parking lots. It was a safety hazard and public nuisance that needed to be cleaned up.

F&V was hired to perform Brownfield environmental redevelopment, environmental due diligence & due care plans and survey services. However, as with many older downtown areas, the Inn shared exterior walls with adjacent buildings which made the demolition trickier. Therefore, gathering accurate information via survey beforehand was essential.

F&V’s surveyors incorporated GPS and robotic total stations to bring in vertical and horizontal control, while utilizing a 3D Scanner (also known as LiDAR) to safely and quickly obtain the structural and building façade/construction information. Using these survey techniques, the design team was given accurate and complete data to properly specify the work for the demolition contractor.

The City and nearby property owners were extremely pleased that the demolition occurred with no damage to the adjacent properties and that the project did not create a disturbance for the downtown area. The accuracy of the survey data was key to having the information to the structural engineers to properly design the supports needed for the adjacent building. A comment made by a property owner, whose building was attached to the hotel and was most affected by the project, rated the demolition as an “A+.”

In 2015, the project won honorable mention for the “Engineering and Surveying Excellence Award” by ACEC/M.