INDOT LPA Road Improvements

Frankfort received funding from the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) via the Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) to reconstruct a portion of South Maish Road, which serves as a main north-south corridor to the High School from residential sections of the City.

Through collaborative meetings between F&V and City staff, the main enhancement goals were determined to be:

  • Address drainage concerns.
  • Address pedestrian safety concerns.
  • Enhance mobility for motorists and bicyclists.

The completed project addresses mobility, level of service and safety along the proposed roadway by following current INDOT road design standards for motorists and pedestrians. Residents will find:

  • One 11-foot travel lanes and a 3-foot bike lane with concrete curb and gutter for each direction of travel.
  • New storm sewer collection and conveyance system.
  • A sod strip with 5-foot concrete sidewalk and safety enhancements, including ADA-compliant routes on each side of the road.
  • Proper vertical and horizontal grade alignments.

Construction was coordinated and administered through the INDOT Crawfordsville District Office, adhering to requirements set forth by the INDOT LPA process.