Industrial Greenhouse Sustainability

A Canadian produce company was interested in expanding operations and production in Michigan by building a new energy-efficient facility.

F&V helped Mastronardi Produce, based in Kinsgville, Ontario, with site selection in Coldwater and provided engineering and technical services in designing a state-of-the-art greenhouse that featured over 90 acres under glass.

The glass roof design was v-shaped to capture all rainwater and snowmelt, which was then channeled into an outdoor storage basin and reused as irrigation for produce. Using the captured water reduced their stormwater discharge.

The goal of glasshouse was to maximize production per acres, minimize growing costs and mitigate weather and seasonal restrictions. The glasshouse, used to produce locally, fresh, vine-ripened gourmet tomatoes and peppers and other produce year-round, is the largest under glass greenhouse/growth facility in the Midwest.