Institutional Space Planning, Construction & Expansion

Ionia County Community Mental Health (ICCMH) Department was occupying an old school building as a tenant. Inefficient when it came to heating and cooling and not in a desirable location for its customers, ICCMH wanted to relocate into a beneficial, comfortable and centrally-located facility. After looking into various locations, ICCMH decided to build new with F&V Construction (FVC). FVC provided design and building services for the 12,500 square foot office building.

Design included creating comfortable and neutral settings for consultation and treatment, as well as a more private waiting area that respected customer confidentiality and addressed Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) regulations. The facility took on an approachable feel to make seeking services easier.

A few years later, ICCMH began offering more services to better serve its customers and needed more office space to accommodate this need. Rather than create satellite offices, ICCHM contacted FVC to construct a matching 3,600 square foot expansion to their central location. Once again, our designs made customer comfort a priority.