Long-term Sanitary Sewer Analysis

Hampton Charter Township was growing displeased with the sewer rates charged by their wastewater treatment service provider. After numerous negotiations proved unsuccessful, the Township asked F&V to identify more cost-effective wastewater treatment options through a sanitary sewer analysis.

F&V found out the nearby Bay County wastewater treatment system was willing to commit to lower cost long-term service and allow the Township to build pump stations and forcemain to convey the wastewater to the County and provide the needed improvements. These improvements came at a savings of $4 million for the community, which significantly pleased the Township and their residents’ wallets.

To complete the money-saving project, F&V completed survey, hydrographic mapping and construction for two lift stations and 12 miles of force main to the County. Forcemain construction overcame 1,700 feet of river crossings, 5 railroad crossings and 50 feet-deep directional-drilling underneath the Saginaw River.