Municipal Utility Upgrades

With 70- to 90-year old undersized watermains and sanitary sewers under a number of their streets, Berrien Springs was in dire need of a utilities upgrade. Unfortunately money for the Village wasn’t flowing to make the necessary improvements happen on their own. With F&V’s assistance, they received a $1 million grant and low-interest loan to fund the project from USDA Rural Development for unique water-sewer design and construction.

As part of the project, the Village was able to replace old, breaking pipelines, reconstruct its streets and storm sewers, fix drainage problems and restore deteriorated roads. F&V provided the design and construction management for this $2.7 million project, which included full reconstruction of nearly two miles of roadway and restored seven streets in the Village. Increased flow capacity was also accomplished with thicker, looped pipelines.

Residents will benefit from the strengthened water system and improved roads, both how they work and on an aesthetic level.