Pier Wall Structural Repairs


Village of Suttons Bay


Suttons Bays, MI

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The existing pier wall at the Suttons Bay Marina was made of lumber and was failing due to erosion. A change in water elevation caused more wave-action to thrust against the lumber and began compromising the safety of the existing fuel tank on the pier wall.

F&V developed preliminary alternatives and cost estimates for the structural repairs needed for a 70-foot long section of pier wall. Based on the needs and budget of the Village, we installed riprap to reinforce and protect the pier wall from erosion and steel sheet piling to stabilize and support for the Marina fuel tank. We helped obtain permits from EGLE and US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE).

Work was completed on a strict schedule to maintain the marina’s fuel dock operations with minimal downtime, and enforced safety for the fuel tank. The use of riprap helps to reduce wave impact, even as the water continues to rise.

The success of the first section of pier wall has led the Village to hiring F&V to finish the remaining 320-feet of pier wall.