Safe Routes To School (SRTS)


Town of Galveston


Galveston, IN

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Galveston Elementary School was located in a heavily-residential area, but the route for students walking and biking to school was not ideal for the small-town area. The sidewalk was not contiguous and lacked good signage along the highway for motorists to slow down for the school zone. Galveston School and Town Officials decided to improve access and pedestrian crosswalks to the schools to encourage a more fit and safe community.

F&V provided design engineering and construction inspections for the Safe Routes to Schools-funded (SRTS) project. We designed a new sidewalk to include ADA-compliant accessibility, new curb and gutter, along with pavement markings and school flashers.

SRTS funded 100% of the project which allowed for the significant travel and safety improvements, and lead to more students walking and biking to school. A healthier environment for kids was created, as well as a happier community.