School Routes Traffic Impact Study


Bloomfield Charter Township; West Bloomfield Charter Township; Bloomfield Hills Schools


Bloomfield, MI

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Bloomfield Hills had the idea to combine their two high schools, Andover and Lahser, into one when they realized it’d be easier for maintenance. Both buildings were old and in need of repairs; combining and fixing one seemed smarter than repairing both or building new. Before they could make the switch, they needed to make sure the combination was feasible.

F&V was hired to provide evaluation of both school sites to determine which high school could accommodate the combination of students. The evaluation looked at property size for expansions, upgrade costs for repairs and traffic circulation for possible conjunctions. Andover determined to be a feasible site for consolidation, with it reopening in fall 2015 renamed as Bloomfield Hills High School.

However, the students need to learn somewhere during construction, and are temporarily rerouted to Lahser. F&V provided Traffic Impact Studies to analyze student loading, pedestrian crossing, vehicle demands, parking, pick-up / drop-off, and bus activities at both sites to improve traffic operations. Conceptual plans were then developed to fix congestion areas and improve safety and flow before migration to either school began.