Shoreline Restoration

The portion of St. Clair River that runs through the City of Marysville is used as a shipping lane. Its use over the years began causing a significant portion of the shoreline to suffer erosion and stress forces on the banks. Sheet pilings had been used to reinforce the bank and when that began to fail, even the sidewalk along the shoreline began to sustain damage. City officials sought restoration measures to repair the seawall while also providing fish and wildlife habitat restoration.

F&V teamed with environmental firm Carndo/JFNew to perform topographic, vegetative and geotechnical surveys, as well as engineering components for this Great Lakes Restorative Initiative-funded project. We assessed the existing soils and their respective stability both landward and riverward of the existing seawall, as well as helped with design.

The damaged areas were replaced with living and restored shoreline. The new shoreline includes aquatic plants, cobbles and native plants that help secure the riverbank, provide storm water filtration and encourage aquatic life and insect and small mammal activities. They also serve as wave breaks to minimize future erosion and provide a less turbulent environment. A new composite decking boardwalk and concrete sidewalk were added for residents and visitors to enjoy the shoreline located across from the Marysville Golf Course.

The project was awarded the “2014 James L. Bliskey Quality of Life Project of the Year” award from the Southeast Michigan and State of Michigan branches of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) in recognition of the shoreline restoration that help improve aquatic and wildlife habitat.