Water System Improvements

The Town of Ossian called on F&V to address multiple system failures in their water system, including numerous breaks and aging pipes. F&V assisted the Town with a $2.7 million grant and loan through Indiana Rural Development to replace and upgrade over 5.5 miles of old cast iron watermain.

Working with the Town, F&V developed a 20-year Master Water System Plan with goals of improving life longevity and efficiency of the upgrades, increasing reliability and creating savings for Ossian customers. A Preliminary Report (PER) was developed alongside the Master Plan to uncover maximum funding for this expensive upgrade.

Construction included replacement of old waterlines and engineering a loop distribution system which resolved system efficiency and reliability demands to everyone, including the maximum daily and fire-fighting demands. Additional water system upgrades included the installation of standby generators at two of the Town’s key water well sites and installing variable speed drives on existing well pump heads increased reliability. Overall upgrades will improve life-longevity of the pipes and lower the operational costs over time.