Wellhead Protection

Clean drinking water is a universal need, and protecting your water source is part of the solution. Many communities use the Wellhead Protection Program (WHPP) to maintain protection, but wellheads require routine check-ups for performance – even if yours is approved through the EGLE or Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM).

F&V’s staff has assisted nearly 70 communities with their WHPPs and reviews. Our extensive experience with program requirements, policies and expectations provides us with a solid understanding of the procedures and requirements necessary to complete approvable programs. We know during routine check-ups to look at:

  • Addressing concerns for future water demands.
  • Discussing your current ordinances.
  • Evaluating new sites of contamination.
  • Examining the criteria used for site plan reviews.
  • Reviewing for infrastructure improvements & emergency response procedures.
  • Updating your WHPP Community Awareness and Education Plans.

Let us help you prioritize and review your wellhead protection needs, and start better protecting your water!