Asset Management Services

Maximizing the Lifespan of Assets

F&V Can Service Your Asset Management

F&V helps communities identify/inventory their assets, evaluate the condition and remaining useful life of the assets and develop proactive methods to maintain, optimize useful life, and replace assets in a prioritized manner.

It is important to the functionality and fiscal wellbeing of a community to manage assets and have an Asset Management Plan (AMP). It enables communities to operate, upgrade, and dispose assets in the most cost-effective manner.

It is F&V’s goal to help clients perform the right work at the right time and for all the right reasons. We assist communities is finding solutions that focus on the highest priority needs.

Benefits of Proper Asset Management Planning

The thorough AMP, with short- and long-term Capital Improvement Programs (CIP), benefits communities in many ways. It saves communities on spending additional money and repairs on infrastructure assets that have outlived their useful life cycle.

In addition to having strong and functioning infrastructure, our AMP strategy leverages data and technology to optimize system operation and renewal. Other benefits include:

  • Reducing unexpected issues & repairs: Emergency repairs can be an inconvenience and a hassle. They are more costly than pro-active. It’s important to have planned maintenance and replacement strategies. For example, it is better to plan a sewer lining project to extend a sewer’s life during low flow than to have that same sewer collapse at 2 a.m., causing a sinkhole and requiring an emergency repair that closes the road for several days.
  • Developing a realistic annual budget: Once a prioritized list of needed improvements and maintenance work is developed, municipalities can plan these improvements and include realistic costs in their annual budgets.
  • Reducing redundant assets/spending: The prioritized CIP will identify the right work at the right time for each asset. This will prevent the “band-aid approach” where the same asset is repaired multiple times at a higher total cost than complete replacement would have been. In addition, good asset management coordinates between different asset classes in close proximity to allow for a “dig once” approach.

Asset management is an industry standard approach to optimize asset life and minimize life cycle costs and is typically a requirement of regulatory and funding agencies involved in utility oversight, permitting, and funding. Not only is asset management a best practice, but it is also required for many types of assets (e.g. water, sanitary sewer, etc.).

F&V Provides Expert Asset Management

Our approach to asset management was developed by professional experience and powerful assessment tools. We have taken a mountain of field and office information collected on utility assets, organized it, prioritized their condition based on user defined risk criteria, and identified rehabilitation recommendations. F&V then builds a customized analytical model of your utility system tailored to your specific needs and goals.

Infrastructure Asset Management Software

F&V utilizes Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to collect, organize, and accurately prioritize what assets need to be dealt with and when. GIS is a ‘must have’ today. More than a mapping product, GIS is the backbone to asset management.

All the data is integrated into one, user-friendly product. Our expertise in GIS also allows us to create a detailed mapping of utility assets with links to critical assessment data and record drawings.

Retain Your Community’s Assets

At F&V, we have expert asset management professionals who help clients feel confident about upgrading their infrastructure assets by developing the best and most appropriate practices that align with client-specific needs and goals. Our tightly connected team of engineers work together to deliver targeted solutions that focus on the highest priority system and organizational needs.

We understand the value of integrating people, processes, and technology to sustain or improve investment decision making and customer satisfaction.

Assets Our Clients Manage

Communities and municipalities own and maintain a variety of assets that are essential to providing necessary services and protecting public health and safety, and the environment:

  • Utilities (water, wastewater and storm drainage): Water, wastewater, and stormwater assets are essential for public and environmental health. Often these assets are among the most expensive to construct and replace. Optimizing their lifespan is needed to ensure reliable service and the best use of public funding.
  • Wastewater/water plants and equipment: Some assets, such as tanks and buildings at wastewater and water plants, last decades; while others, such as mechanical and electrical equipment, only last 10 years. Continual assessment and upkeep of these assets is needed to maintain reliable performance and best practices.
  • Buildings and municipal facilities: Buildings and community/municipal facilities, such as libraries, city/village/township halls, public safety facilities, schools, hospitals, and others require review of their condition and useful life. Roof and exterior condition, structural integrity, energy use, are all considerations for maintaining these types of assets.
  • Environmental: A community’s drinking water supply is protected by general groundwater federal, state, and county regulations. F&V has experts in Wellhead Protection Programs who can help communities manage what may be their most valuable assets. Programs vary from community to community, but often include local control over abandon well management, site review criteria, and hazardous material management in accordance with federal and state regulations.
  • Street/road/non-motorized pathways and associated assets such as signs and signals: Roads, streets, and associated assets impact people’s lives on a daily basis. Monitoring condition through PASER and other ratings and developing proactive and timely maintenance measures will help make our roadways safer and more cost effective to own and maintain.

F&V Asset Management Services

Experienced F&V staff can assist you with all aspects of asset management, including inventory and database development (using GIS), level of service development, condition assessment, hydraulic modeling and performance evaluation, planning, risk analysis, capital improvement planning, implementation and project funding, and continual improvement/modification.

Maximize the Lifespan of Your Assets

At F&V, we take pride in having helped our clients lower lifecycle costs while maintaining a desirable level of service.

We offer a variety of services that can help you plan for the orderly replacement and rehabilitation of aging infrastructure. Call us today. We are ready to serve you!

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