Protecting Your Groundwater Supplies

F&V provides hydrogeological services to support the successful planning and undertaking of many projects. They include environmental due diligence, soil and groundwater remediation, mining, groundwater discharges, lake and groundwater level evaluations, and community water supply exploration/development. We are also a leader in applying hydrogeological and other services related to the protection of our groundwater supplies including Wellhead Protection Programs.

Our approach is maintaining a thorough understanding of water resources and current state and federal regulations regarding their use, safety and sustainability. Staff members have extensive experience working with local regulatory agencies, including EGLE and the Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM).

Specific areas of our expertise include:

  • Aquifer performance testing
  • Community drinking water supply hydrogeological studies
  • Drilling programs
  • Evaluation of large quantity groundwater withdrawals
  • Groundwater discharge permit hydrogeological studies
  • Groundwater exploration and development
  • Groundwater modeling – flow and transport
  • Lake level/groundwater level studies
  • MICH/DC specifications
  • Oil and gas site hydrogeological studies
  • Ordinance compliance evaluations
  • Procurement and administration of grants
  • Sand and gravel mine hydrogeological studies
  • Water quality/level database development
  • Wellhead protection programs

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