Mass Flow Monitoring

Understanding Flows, Pinpointing Problems

F&V provides mass flow monitoring services to help communities better understand flow patterns in sewer systems. Once flows are quantified and trends are evaluated for individual areas in a sewer system, problems such as big disruptive peaks, sanitary sewer overflows (SSOs), combined sewer overflows (CSOs), surcharges, and backups, can be pinpointed so solutions are more easily developed.

Mass flow monitoring is a process of massive measurements and focused analysis that is a cost-effective approach that can be used as part of a larger asset management program, or a stand-alone infiltration and inflow evaluation. As the sole-provider for the mass flow monitoring technology in Michigan and Indiana, we are the leader in cost-effectively pinpointing flow related problems to develop solutions.

Specific areas of our expertise include:

  • Asset management plans and programs
  • Combined sewer overflow mitigation
  • Flow monitoring and capacity analysis
  • Infiltration and Inflow studies
  • Pump station hydraulic evaluation
  • Sanitary sewer evaluation survey (SSES)
  • Sanitary system capital improvements planning
  • Stormwater system capital improvements planning

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