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Developing Stand Out Sites

What Is Site Development in Civil Engineering?

Site planning and development is the first and most important step in turning your land into a valuable asset. At F&V, we provide practical and cost-effective solutions designed to maximize site potential, move site plans forward, and deliver successful projects.

F&V has in-house staff – civil engineers, traffic engineers, environmental scientists, permitting specialists, and landscape architects – with the technical and regulatory expertise to meet and exceed your project objectives and make the best of your unique site.

F&V’s Site Development Process

At F&V, we begin the site development process with a feasibility study. After meeting with you to learn your vision for the project, we will look into zoning, topography, traffic, environmental reports, soils data, available utility infrastructure, and more. We will report back to you what challenges there may be ahead of us and solutions on how to move forward. Next, we will prepare a concept plan and facilitate a pre-application meeting to gain buy in from the agencies involved. After that meeting, we will prepare site plan application packages and full site design drawings. We will coordinate necessary permit applications and expedite any reviews along the way to keep your project on schedule.

Site Development Services

  • Feasibility studies and zoning reviews
  • Site planning/concept development
  • Zoning approvals and variances
  • Planning and zoning approvals
  • Rezone applications
  • Planned unit developments
  • Landscape plans
  • Low Impact Design & sustainable design
  • Master site plans
  • Public meeting facilitation
  • Site photometric plans
  • Stormwater management plans
  • State agency approvals
  • Utility infrastructure permitting
  • Driveway permitting
  • Water and sanitary design and permitting
  • Erosion control permitting
  • Well and septic permitting
  • Wetland mitigation design

Site Development Projects

  • Regional commercial developments
  • Multi-family apartment developments
  • Single family subdivision plats and site condominiums
  • Mixed use developments
  • Industrial sites and expansions
  • Government office sites and campuses
  • Fast food / drive-thru restaurants
  • Hospital campuses and medical offices
  • Office parks
  • Senior living homes and developments
  • Educational buildings (K12 – University/College)
  • Fire stations
  • Casinos
  • Municipal and dental offices
  • Solar panel arrays

Site Development Planning & Design

  • Site planning and concept development: F&V identifies your site’s challenges and existing conditions from environmental impacts and liabilities, permitting requirements and subsurface characteristics. We provide land acquisition and planning, feasibility studies, surveying, wetlands delineation, zoning, and conceptual planning.
  • Sustainable design: F&V is committed to practical sustainable design strategies that preserve natural environment and support future growth in communities that is smart and sustainable. We integrate low-impact design principles with aesthetically pleasing landscape and civil/site designs to create cleaner and safer environments, which contribute to a better quality of life for our client communities.
  • Landscape design: F&V’s landscape design services blends art, science, and technology to inspire meaningful change to the environments in which we exist. We create designs meant to be experience.

Site Development Permitting & Approval

  • Public meeting facilitation: F&V regularly hosts and attends public meetings to facilitate input from the client, key stakeholders, and the public. These meetings include design charrettes, public workshops, and other public input/engagement.
  • Utility infrastructure permitting: F&V has assisted our clients with completing permit applications and related documentation for numerous local, State and Federal permits. We have developed professional relationships with staff at many of the reviewing agencies which assists our clients in expediting permit review.
  • Planning and zoning approval: Our staff of highly skilled professional engineers and CAD Technicians, performs initial project evaluations, design commercial and residential layouts, and completes the full range of environmental, zoning, and other permit applications to obtain governmental approvals.

On-Site Civil Engineering for Your Industry

  • Industrial facilities: F&V understands industrial sites. We start by learning how your operations affect the site, considering important factors such as trucking intensive product flow, separation of customer areas, or outdoor storage.
  • Healthcare campuses: F&V understands healthcare campuses and the importance of serving their clients efficiently. We work to understand the flow of operations to make campuses that make sense and allow for easy service of clients.
  • Multi-unit residential properties: F&V has experience with a variety of multi-unit residential properties, such as apartments, condominiums, townhomes, and single-family home developments to make sure every living environment is enjoyable.
  • Office parks: Creating great environments to work and bring businesses together is what makes F&V successful at office parks.
  • Regional retail: F&V helps bring dining, shopping, and entertainment together with our regional retail experience.
  • Educational campuses: F&V has a variety of educational campus experience, ranging from K-12, to colleges and universities.

Why Use F&V’s Site Development Services?

At F&V, we approach site development from a practical, developer’s mindset. We’re experts in the local approval and permitting processes and have successfully pursued variances, zoning changes, special exception uses, site plan approvals, land divisions and plats.

We make sure your goals are understood and met on-budget now, but are also good for your wallet in the future. Whether we’re working as a team leader or an integral team member, we bring high performance and value to your projects.

No matter if you’re developing a single building, skyline-high condominiums, retail centers, or professional office space, we have the knowledge and experience to develop your site into something spectacular.

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