Traffic Engineering

Safe And Efficient Movement On Roadways

Traffic Engineering: Complete Streets, Roundabouts & More

F&V’s traffic engineering department employs traffic engineers who know what it takes to ease traffic and maintain a steady flow of movement for maximum working functionality.

At F&V, our approach to traffic engineering is to understand you, your goals, and the uses of your roadway. We work with municipal, business, and private development clients from traffic analysis, to design and operations to find safe and efficient movement on your roads. F&V has provided traffic and mobility analyses on hundreds of different federal, state, and local projects.

Traffic Engineering Services include:

  • Complete streets
  • Congestion management studies
  • Intersection design
  • Maintaining traffic plans/provisions, transportation management plan
  • Parking studies
  • Pedestrian studies
  • Travel time studies
  • Traffic calming
  • Traffic impact studies
  • Traffic signal warrant analysis
  • Transportation planning
  • Safety studies
  • School studies (safe routes to schools including primary schools, colleges, universities)
  • Sign design/schematic
  • Site circulation studies
  • Wayfinding studies

What Is Traffic Engineering?

The goal of traffic engineering is to accomplish the safe and effective movement of people and goods on roadways.

At F&V, our traffic engineers work on projects that focus on traffic analysis, design, and operations. From analyzing and designing complete streets, to school studies on safe routes to school, F&V provides state-of-the-art traffic engineering solutions for projects that range from small community developments to large highway systems.

Importance of Traffic Engineering for your Community or Business

Without traffic engineering, our roadways would be underdeveloped and unsafe. Our traffic engineers are highly trained and experienced in traffic analysis, design, and operations. Our approach is to look at the habits of transportation system users, conduct research and studies, analyze data, and find safe and effective solutions.

Experts in Traffic Engineering

Road Safety Audit:

I-696 Road Safety Audit – Farmington Hills/Southfield: F&V was the lead traffic engineer and RSA Facilitator for this project in partnership with the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT). Performed a Road Safety Audit (RSA) for the section of I-696 between I-275 and Lahser Road in Farmington Hills & Southfield, Oakland County, Michigan. The RSA was conducted as part of statewide facilitation of RSA services. The study included an evaluation of the mainlanes, interchanges, and adjacent intersections.

Traffic Impact Study:

Amazon Distribution Center Traffic Impact Study – Gaines Township: F&V was the traffic engineer for the traffic impact study (TIS) for the proposed 550,000 SF distribution center in Gaines Township. Study included coordination with Gaines Township, Kent County, and MDOT; as a result of M-routes and county roadways being impacted by the development. The study analysis indicated capacity and geometric improvements would be necessary to improve site access. Project recommendations included the installation of a new traffic signal at the site driveway to be coordinated with the adjacent signalized network, geometric improvements to provide eastbound dual left-turn lanes at 68th Street and Patterson Avenue, and geometric improvements to provide dual right-turn lanes for the intersections of 60th Street and 68th Street at M-37.

Parking Study:

D2AP Parking Study – Stellantis: F&V was the traffic engineer responsible for the development of an in-depth parking and site circulation analysis for the MACK Plant in Detroit.  As part of this study the parking facilities were evaluated, and mitigation measures were implemented to accommodate the parking demand associated with the proposed operations.

Road Diet:

Multi-Modal Board Transportation Engineer – Birmingham: F&V provided traffic engineering for the City of Birmingham’s Multi-Modal Transportation Board. Tasks include performing road diet studies, investigating traffic calming measures on city streets, reviewing site designs for conformance with the City’s Multi-Modal Transportation Plan, and the design of bike routes and bike lanes.

Why Work with Fleis & VandenBrink?

F&V traffic engineers have worked in a wide variety of traffic and transportation engineering projects, including all aspects of transportation planning, operations, and design. Our broad range of experience is essential in evaluating each project and providing results – on time and on budget.

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