Water and Wastewater Treatment

Protecting Human Health And The Environment

Experts in Water and Wastewater Treatment

F&V has the largest process engineering department in Michigan. Our process engineers focus solely on water and wastewater treatment, providing safe water for drinking and delivering clean water back to the environment.

Our experts are leaders in all aspects of evaluation, design, permitting, construction, streamlining operation and maintenance, and financing of water and wastewater treatment systems. We are very efficient and effective at resolving issues, developing simple and practical solutions to sometimes complex problems. We provide clients with full-service process engineering, and typically take projects from feasibility study to concept/planning through commissioning. Our staff has designed and completed hundreds of water and wastewater treatment systems, staying on top of the latest treatment technologies and industry trends, and routinely improves treatment systems to address performance issues and provide a higher level of sustainability.

Highlights of our water and wastewater treatment expertise includes:

  • Designing over 250 water and wastewater projects
  • Securing DWSRF and CWSRF funding for 50 projects, totaling over $111,800,000
  • Completing over 120 USDA projects
  • Designing and constructing numerous Design/Build projects
  • Being awarded multiple “Engineering Excellence” awards from the American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC) on water and wastewater projects
  • Being awarded “Utility of the Future Award” from the Water Environment Federation (WEF), which recognizes utilities for watershed stewardship and recovery of resources

Our main goal when evaluating and designing water and wastewater treatment systems is to select and implement technologies that provide long-term efficient and effective service to the community. Whether we’re designing an entirely new system or updating older technologies, we provide state-of-the-art, energy-efficient and cost-effective solutions that protect the community and improve our world’s environment.

Water and wastewater is a Vital Resource

Water treatment and wastewater treatment are vital to protect human health and improve conditions in the environment. The water we take from the environment needs to be returned in a condition that has a positive impact on receiving stream or groundwater. There are many options for delivering clean, safe water to the community for potable use and reclaiming water and nutrients from wastewater. From concept planning through project completion, we will be your advocate for developing and implementing water and wastewater treatment solutions that are in-line with your goals, protect your community and improve the environment with a focus on sustainability.

A Team Approach to Water & Wastewater Treatment

Our approach is to understand and assess your community’s water and/or wastewater treatment needs and goals. We identify key issues, then apply the latest regulatory requirements and industry trends, before collaborating with you to develop solutions that get to the heart of the issues quickly and cost-effectively. With 250 professional staff, we have the resources to guide you through project planning and delivery to address your water and wastewater treatment system needs.

Water and Wastewater Design/Build

We are the design/build experts for your water and wastewater treatment needs. F&V has wide-ranging experience in design/build project delivery and the State Revolving Fund (SRF) programs. Our engineers, architects, and construction managers routinely work together to deliver water and wastewater treatment projects on time and on budget. Our construction company (FVC) has successfully delivered over 200 projects utilizing strategies for better control of quality, schedule and cost.

In West Bay County, for example, our team delivered an $8,000,000 facility upgrade project nearly 10% under budget. This allowed the County to make additional improvements to their facility.

Water and Wastewater Operations

A big differentiator for choosing our firm, is that we also have top-notch operations and maintenance professionals on our team. The synergy between our process group and the operators of our sister company F&V Operations & Resource Management (FVOP) allows us to look at client needs from both an engineering perspective and operations perspective. The mutual understanding and respect for each other encourages open conversation and an interconnected approach to problem solving. Both teams share the same open office space to collaborate with each other on a continuous basis. Our company ideal of “together we can do this” benefits our clients.

In addition to working as a team with our clients throughout design, FVOP can provide additional training resources and operations assistance long after project construction is completed. This allows us to fully support our clients from project planning and needs assessments through design, construction, commissioning and training, and ongoing operations support, if desired.

Design. Build. Operate. Experts.

We have the resources, expertise and experience to provide clients with complete ‘Design. Build. Operate.’ services for their water and wastewater treatment systems.


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