Architectural Design for Industrial Expansion


Cascade Die Casting


Sparta, MI

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Driven by upcoming new product production and need for expansion, Cascade Die Casting hired F&V to review current operational issues and needs for their Sparta plant. After reviewing their processes and facility and gaining an understanding of the client and their facility movement, we recognized that the flow of materials in and out of the production area crisscrossed. This caused delays and increased the potential for accidents and mistakes. With the immediate problems identified, Cascade asked F&V to prepare a Facilities Master Plan to move forward with the improvements and industrial expansion.

F&V’s approach in developing the Master Plan was to have form follow functionality. Materials, product and employees needed to streamline smoothly, in to out. This increased safety for workers as well as improved production speed. The expansion increased efficiency and business volume. After plan approval, F&V provided site engineering services for the 10,500 square foot, pre-engineered building addition and all related site work.