Downtown Roundabouts


City of Muskegon


Muskegon, MI

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Downtown Muskegon’s Development Corporation wanted to restore life back into its core. Knowing this renewal would attract an influx of people, the City planned ahead for its pedestrians and travelers. Enhancements already included new sidewalks, decorative lighting, tree planting and sewer and water utilities, but the City knew from the downtown area’s previous popularity that traffic was an issue for those wanting to enjoy the area and the future planned developments.

F&V provided traffic engineering and design services to create two downtown roundabouts for the City. The roundabouts eliminate signals and keep traffic flowing at a constant, safe rate. One was built on Shoreline Drive at Edison Landing, where utilities had been installed to stimulate development, and the other on Western Avenue, becoming the first urban compact roundabout. Both roundabouts were designed artfully and vibrantly to match the City’s vision with colorful, outcrops of Chilton limestone. Shoreline Drive roundabout has a landscaped island center, and Western Avenue has the soaring stature “Muskegon, Together Rising” in the middle.

Western Avenue’s roundabout design became the blueprint for leading designs of road and streetscape development along the main downtown road with replications beautifying the area. Muskegon has shown that roundabouts not only provide traffic-calming for the neighborhood, but can feature sheer beauty and uniqueness.