INDOT Prequalifications


Indiana Department of Transportation


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Our professionals are experienced and knowledgeable in over 10 Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) prequalification categories. We have staff onboard who are thoroughly familiar with INDOT rules and regulations. These employees regularly take the lead on design and construction projects for municipalities and their INDOT programs that cover over 11,000-miles of highway systems.

Whether the road or project are INDOT- or County-owned, being prequalified by INDOT means clients know we can handle the job because we have the experience, skills and people.

F&V is prequalified with INDOT in the following classifications:

  • Complex Roadway Design
  • Complex Traffic Capacity and Operations Analysis
  • Construction Inspection
  • Environmental Document Preparation – CE
  • Environmental Document Preparation – EA/EIS
  • Environmental Document Preparation – Section 4(f)
  • Non-Complex Roadway Design
  • Non-Complex Traffic Capacity and Operations Analysis
  • Project Management for Acquisition Services
  • Regular Bridge Inspection
  • Right-of-Way Plan Development
  • Small Structure & Miscellaneous Structure Inspections
  • Topographic Survey Data Collection
  • Traffic Forecasting
  • Traffic Safety Analysis