Inner-City Trail


City of Fort Wayne


Fort Wayne, IN

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The City of Fort Wayne is a City on the go with a vibrant downtown, top-notch colleges and universities, exciting entertainment, and culture. However, three residential communities felt a little disconnected from the move as nearby trails or sidewalks did not reach the City’s offerings. The City sought to create more community connectivity between the residences and its amenities.

F&V provided the survey, design and construction of 2.25 miles of sidewalk and 2.25 miles of trail along a former railroad corridor. Design included adding pedestrian-controlled traffic signals on two new pedestrian bridges over streams, ADA compliance, trailhead and other pedestrian crossings to connect homes to trails. Work also included permitting, overcoming 14 feet of elevation through the sidewalks and trail, and providing legal descriptions for land acquisition.

The trail provides connectivity of the City along with gorgeous views of nature, all without actually leaving the City!