Office / Commercial Development Site Engineering


Fleis & VandenBrink


Kalamazoo, MI

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F&V needed a new office for its expanding Kalamazoo staff and increasing southwest Michigan clients – one that could showcase our skills and values. We enlisted the help of our own staff to design and build this new office and put our skills to test to create something client-worthy for ourselves.

We used site survey services to determine the new office location on the campus of Western Michigan University’s Parkview Campus for Engineering and Applied Sciences. We wanted to work with the University, maximize our ability to recruit top-notch students and grow in a place that made sense for our firm geographically.

With Western’s park master plan in mind, our team provided site engineering and architectural & landscape design of the 1.8 acre site to fit the identity of the home of the Broncos, as well as inspire future engineers on the campus. Part of maintaining Western’s identity involved integrating their sustainability goals into our design, including:

  • Drought-resistance landscaping to eliminate lawn irrigation.
  • Natural light reliance from expansive, glass store front as well as occupancy sensors for lighting.
  • Sustainable wood products.
  • Variable frequency drive heating to minimize electrical consumption
  • Low-flow water fixtures.

Since its construction, the office has cultivated a stronger relationship with southwest Michigan clients and Western Michigan University, and continues to help grow a new generation of engineers.