Site Development Expansion


Portland Board of Light & Power


Portland, MI

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Portland Board of Light & Power (BLP) had a 100-year-old facility that was undersized, outdated and inefficient. It lacked proper storage for equipment and tools, and a public meeting room. The BLP knew they needed to expand their office and storage facility for increased efficiency.

F&V helped the BLP develop a master plan of the existing building to determine if the facility was worth saving and upon the conclusion it was, helped strategize for the successful property acquisition of an adjacent parcel expansion. We provided site development, including the architectural and site design and construction, of the expansion and improvements.

The addition doubled facility capacity and allowed equipment and tools, including vehicles, to be stored indoors. This increased emergency response time during the winter, as well as helped organize the site. The proper storage of materials also enhanced the neighborhood’s image. The BLP was also able to keep their existing building and add another 100 years to its life.